Car Accident Concussion Awareness Scholarship

The boston car accident lawyers at Burns & Jain see the long-term effects that concussions can have on car accident victims and their families.  Having represented Boston victims in hit from behindhead-on, and pedestrians hit in crosswalks accidents, we’ve seen 1st hand the damage that concussions and traumatic brain injuries cause.  Far too often accident victims refuse medical treatment because they fail to understand the severity of the head trauma that has occurred after an accident.

Our Car Accident Concussion Awareness Scholarship seeks to raise awareness on concussions caused from car accidents so victims will understand the severity of these injuries and seek the treatment they need.  We will be awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a student based primarily on the quality of their essay as outlined below.  The winner will be chosen on September 31, 2018, or shortly thereafter.  The quality of the essay will be the primary factor in determining the scholarship winner.

Who Can Apply?

This $1,000 scholarship is for any person in the United States seeking post-secondary education.  All majors, degrees, and learning goals are eligible to apply.   We understand how the costs of housing, books, and tuition can feel overwhelming so we’re hoping this scholarship will help alleviate that burden.

How to Apply?

Fill out the form below.

Essay Requirements:

Applications due September 1st 2018
400-500 Words
Single Spaced
Multiple paragraphs
Word Format or Similar Word Processing Document
Full Name & Date Top Left
Essay Title – Bold and Centered

Essay Topic:
You’re driving into Boston to visit your friend who is just finishing up his/her first year at “College U”.  You’re unfamiliar with the crazy streets of Boston and cell phone GPS keeps losing signal, telling you to take the next left even though you know you’re pretty sure you need to go right onto Columbia Road to get on 93 north.  Meanwhile, your friends are arguing over who deserves more credit for the Patriots success, Tom Brady or Bill Belichick.  You start to chime in as you merge onto Columbia – and bam!  You’ve been hit from behind and your car is hurtling across the road.  You’ve been in a car accident.  Your adrenaline is through the roof and your head is bleeding from hitting the side paneling.  You’re seeing stars and are confused.

Next thing you know you’re sitting on the curb with people telling you to lie down.  Your friends don’t seem to be too hurt and aside from a little blood and be disorientated you think your fine.  The paramedics approach you and ask if you want treatment.  You don’t want to seem like a wimp and you assume that ringing in your ears will go away eventually.

Do you go with the paramedics?  Why or why not?

How We Select The Winner:

  1. Applicant follows directions completely
  2. Essay Quality
  3. Resume (if you have one)
  4. Transcript


Question:  Do you need an official transcript?
Answer:  No – submit proof of enrollment in whatever way possible.

Question:  I wrote an essay on this topic before – can I use that essay?
Answer:  No – we check each essay for originality.  If we determine an essay was plagiarized you will be disqualified.

Question:  Will I be notified if I win?
Answer:  You will be notified once your application has been received, and then once again after a winner has been selected regardless if you are the selected recipient or not.

Question:  What do you do with the winner?
Answer:  Scholarship winner will be notified via email/phone call.  Winning essay will be published on a Burns & Jain website with a picture of applicant but not using their full name.  For example, the last winner’s essay can be found here.

Question:  I have a question that you don’t answer here.  Can I call and ask?
Answer:  Contacting the firm in any way results in automatic disqualification.  We are sorry but because we may receive too many applicants we can’t answer individual questions.  We’re lenient on most applications – so if in doubt please submit.

Emails, website messages, chats, and phone calls regarding your application results in automatic disqualification.

Congratulations again to our last Winner Ashley F, whose essay can be found HERE.

  • Personal Information

  • Education Information

  • Transcript Upload
  • Essay Upload
  • Resume Upload
  • Applicant is submitting information that is truthful, accurate, and not plagiarized. Further applicants agrees to allow the law firm to publish this essay on this or any website owned by the law firm of Burns & Jain for marketing purposes.