Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any motor vehicle accident can result in serious injuries. Notwithstanding the impact and the amount of damage to your vehicle, victims can be left with disabling injuries, medical bills, hospital stays, operative procedures and surgeries, rehabilitation or chiropractic therapy, lost income, lost benefits, physical pain and mental suffering, and the very real prospect of permanent disabilities. To make matters worse, automobile insurance in Massachusetts seems to be set up so that you have to battle with insurance companies for everything. The insurance adjusters often wrongfully deny or delay claims and payment. At best, they make it difficult to collect what is rightfully yours, even after their insured was negligent.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a Massachusetts car accident, we realize no amount of money can ever replace your loss. But we can help you, and your family, recover money for the injuries and damages you have suffered. The personal injury attorneys at Burns & Jainwe have successfully represented thousands of families whose lives have been upended by a car accident in Massachusetts. We’ve seen that one of the key sources of frustration is dealing with the insurance companies.

Hiring An Accident Attorney

When you meet and hire an attorney, are you sure that that is the attorney who will be working on your case? The Boston attorneys at Burns & Jain we  meet with you personally, and work on your case from beginning to end. There is no paralegal running your case like some of the law firms you see on television. The attorney you meet with will be the one who handles your claim and works with you to resolution. That is the same attorney that will try your case, if necessary.

What To Do After An Accident

  • Seek immediate medical attention if you are injured
  • Follow the advice of the doctors at the hospital
  • Follow up with your own physician, or the physician the hospital referred you to
  • Get all of the information from the drivers of the other vehicles that you can
  • Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses – the police may not
  • Get photographs of the scene, or have a friend do so soon after
  • Do not talk to anyone from the insurance company about your accident until you have a lawyer

Hire An Experienced Accident Lawyer

You can contact us for a free consultation, and let us do the claims and legal work for you. Our experience and expertise is reflected in our history of motor vehicle accident case results. The insurance company has already begun their investigation into your claim. You deserve the same opportunity to have people on your side, working for you and your family.

For more information regarding motor vehicle accidents, see our Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accident FAQs.