Legal Malpractice Results in $1,000,000 Judgment

Mrs. P. was sexually assaulted while incarcerated at the Suffolk House of Correction. Her attorney filed suit in Federal Court, however, he failed to prosecute the lawsuit and the case was dismissed. Nevertheless, for several years the offending attorney entered into a series of pranks to induce Mrs. P to believe her case was active. Mrs. P. ultimately learned of the misadventure and retained our office. In less than one year, we obtained a Judgment in the amount of $1,000,000, plus interest and costs.

See Suffolk Superior Court Civil Action Number 05-0963A

Legal Malpractice Settlement After Weak Prosecution of Personal Injury Case

A 10 year old girl in Quincy was attacked by her teacher while in school in 1986. The teacher hit her desk, the desk broke and a large piece of wood hit Suzie in the face. Two teeth were broken and capped. Suzie’s family hired attorney Svetlana, however, the attorney did not prosecute the case aggressively. More importantly, Svetlana failed to assist Suzie in answering interrogatories (written questions by the defendant) in a timely fashion and the lawsuit against the city was dismissed in 1997. Suzie’s attorney compounded the problem by paying Suzie in excess of $65,000 in small payments to appease her. Suzie retained our office. We filed a claim with Svetlana’s insurance company. Within 5 months the case was mediated before a mediator in Boston and the case was settled for over $100,000.

Negligent Attorney Representation in Massachusetts Auto Underinsurance Settlement

Kay Andersen was driving to her evening class in February 1987 when Ralph Gates, driving a vehicle he purchased the day before, came barreling out of a church parking lot and hit Mrs. Andersen broadside. Ralph was traveling so fast that he pushed Ms. Anderson’s vehicle across the road and turned it upside down into a snow bank. The fire department had to pry the vehicle apart to get Kay out. Kay’s injuries were so horrific that the emergency room doctor called the police to see if Kay’s wallet contained an organ donor card. Nevertheless, Kay survived with only minor brain damage.

Kay’s attorney settled the case against Ralph, by collecting the $10,000 insurance policy. However, the attorney failed to proceed against Kay’s own insurance company for underinsurance coverage (click here for more information about underinsurance). Finally, eleven years later, in 1998, Kay’s attorney admitted his error to Kay and she retained my office. We filed a Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93A Consumer Protection Demand against the attorney and settled the case for four times the value of the underinsurance against the attorney’s malpractice insurance company. Kay’s attorney took 11 years; we settled the case within 7 months of being retained.

Next, we filed a claim with Kay’s insurance company for her underinsurance coverage and, within 45 days, received the full underinsurance policy for Kay.