Neil Burns Legal Malpratice Lawyer


6 Beacon Street, Suite 1025
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617-227-7423

In eighth grade I took US history and decided I wanted to be a lawyer – to be a part of keeping our country’s amazing foundations strong.  In high school, after Watergate, our Town Manager established a program for a select few students to be interns in various departments – I clerked for the town (traffic) court and learned dowsing at the town the water department.  At Hobart College, I majored in Political Science and American Studies and chaired the Energy Counsel – a group trying to educate students and town members about nuclear energy being shipped through Geneva, New York, and setting up seminars on Future Energy.   I also spent a semester clerking for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Federal State Relations, working for Tommy O’Neil, then the Lieutenant Governor.

At Antioch School of Law in Washington, D.C., I focused on representing people.   I organized and represented a tenant group and we won a trial against a slum lord.  I spent my third year of law school representing criminal defendants in court, including civil disobedience defendants in Federal Court.   I won motions; I won trials.  I was in the DC and federal courts as much as I could be.  I also worked on Wall Street doing regulatory law one summer.  I completed law school experienced and eager to work for individuals who were seeking justice in a system that often seems stacked against them.

I have been practicing law at Six Beacon Street in Boston since 1987.  Being a lawyer is a profession I am very proud of; being of service to my clients.  My experience is in representing clients from day one through trial, and appeal.  I represent victims of personal injury and legal malpractice against insurance companies.  Let me be clear:  while insurance companies have an obligation to resolve clear claims, their professional claims representatives and defense trial attorneys are tenacious about trying everything they can to reduce what they have to pay victims.  We need to be prepared; we need to be ready; our clients need to know what is coming; and results will follow.

We are passionate about helping our clients.  We are proud of our results.  We often represent children who are victims of personal injury in motor vehicle or premises liability cases.  We represent families, often second and third generations of families now.   We know how to prepare our clients’ cases aggressively so the insurance companies will see that we are willing to take the matter to court and to trial.  We treat each case as if it’s our own because the stakes are high – our clients’ have only one case and we know that they need to trust us to get them the absolute best result.

Outside of the office I volunteer much time to the Appalachian Mountain Club, with a mission of getting kids outdoors and protecting the earth.  I also spend time with my daughter who is a high school teacher in Colorado, and my son, who works at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center.

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