Bankruptcy Case Results

Accolades by Prior Bankruptcy Clients of Attorney Neil Burns

“I was going through a divorce and Neil helped me discharge my credit card debt and keep my house.  After, I had the energy to fight for my rights for my kids.  The fresh start I got was amazing.  If you have credit card debt you can’t pay, do it!”  V.U., Westwood

“Attorney Burns said it was the best law out there and it was.  I would recommend him highly.”  B. R., Brockton

“I worked with Attorney Burns in 2005 and got a discharge without problems. Having no debt was a godsend. The bankruptcy did not hold me back too much at all. In September 2009, I signed a purchase and sale agreement to buy a single family house for over $100,000 in Lynn. The interest rate, through FHA is 5.5%!” D.V., Lynn, Massachusetts

“I had no idea if I qualified for personal bankruptcy under the new law. Neil explained the law, reviewed my family situation, and determined Chapter 7 would work. After I found all the documents, his office finished the Petition and Schedules and I had my hearing in no time. I would recommend this process to anyone who just can’t pay their debt.” P.E., Malden, Massachusetts

“I overspent. The credit card companies called me relentlessly. They called my neighbor, too! I hired Attorney Burns, told the callers to call him, and, the calls stopped immediately!” S.M., Somerville

“We needed to save our house. It was underwater but we had lived there, brought up our children there, and that was our goal. Neil instructed us to use the [Massachusetts] State Exemptions and we got rid of our debt but kept our house. Now we are working on rebuilding credit.” A.D., Quincy