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Waltham, once known as “Watch City,” is home to 59,000 residents and two major universities – Brandeis, a top ranked liberal arts university, and Bentley, a nationally renowned business school. They are the top two employers in Waltham, with Bank of America and National Grid being third and fourth.  Waltham has become a major center for high-tech and biotech companies. Several formal estates grace Waltham, including Gore Place, the Lyman Estate, and the Robert Treat Paine Estate, all of which are open to the public. Waltham was also the birthplace of Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer and voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street.Waltham is located in Middlesex County.  The Middlesex Superior Court, formally in Cambridge, is now (temporarily) just down 128 in Woburn.

The Middlesex Superior Court, formally in Cambridge, is now (temporarily) just down 128 in Woburn.  Waltham car accident trials where there were significant injuries would be tried here.  There is a District Court in Woburn, located at 38 Linden Street, serving Watertown, Weston and Waltham.  Attorney Neil Burns has appeared in both of those courts with Waltham personal injurytrials.First settled by Europeans in 1634, Waltham was made a distinct city in 1738.  When Francis Cabot Lowell began the Boston Manufacturing company along the Charles River in Waltham, it was the first integrated textile mill in the United States.  Home to watch and automobile manufacturing, Waltham was the site where the first production motorcycle was manufactured in the US.  Watches, made at Waltham Watch Company beginning in 1854, were first manufactured on an assembly line here!  An early part of the labor movement, textile workers in Lowell and Waltham organized to fight the conditions of the mills at the time.  Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world renown medical instrument company, has its headquarters in Waltham, growing out of Thermoelectron.

In more recent times, Waltham was known as having the studio for Aerosmith, as the home of F. Lee Bailey and Abby Hoffman, and for the accomplished Waltham Symphony Orchestra.  Many Ugandans have moved to Waltham, with a section of town known as Little Kampala, where the Ugandan North American Association is located.

Today, Moody Street in downtown Waltham is a mecca for suburban and local folks who come for the newly redone movie theater, the Embassy Cinema, the numerous restaurants, and the charm of a small old New England City; all this within walking distance to the MBTA’s Fitchburg Commuter Rail, and parking.

The Law Office of Burns & Jain is located at Six Beacon Street, Suite 600, in Boston, Massachusetts 02108. To drive to our office from Waltham, you may take Route 2 to Storrow Drive, or you may take 128 to the Massachusetts Turnpike into downtown Boston.  The Law Office Burns & Jain , with its convenient downtown Boston location, is easily accessible from Waltham by public transportation; just take the commuter rail to North Station and we are a 10 minute walk.  Or take the Green Line from North Station to Government Center, walk along Tremont Street to Beacon Street, turn right and we are on the left.

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