Waltham Car Accident Lawyer

When Massachusetts implemented the primary seat belt law in 2008, crash victims, insurance companies, and the Massachusetts and federal governments saved over 69 million dollars on medical bills. A report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compiled these data and demonstrate the positive impact of wearing seatbelts. Unfortunately, the injuries Waltham residents suffer inmotor vehicle collisions cannot always be prevented by obeying the primary seatbelt law. In addition to their health concern, injuries create financial burdens for victims. Pursuing the assistance of a personal injury lawyer gives a victim the best chance of claiming the moneys they deserve for their personal injury, unattained wages, property damage, and medical bills.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Burns & Jain have helped clients injured in auto, truck, and motorcycle collisions for 25 years. They closely analyze an incident’s police and accident reports, sorting out each detail to uncover the exact succession of events that led up to and followed an accident. If the facts are ever obscured and there is a conflict of opinion between any of the drivers or witnesses, our attorneys will reenact the accident with the cooperation of a traffic specialist team. It is critical to have a good injury lawyer on your team when the questions of fault and liability are at stake.

Despite enduring a number of car accidents each year, Waltham is an important town in Middlesex County. Once home to Boston Manufacturing Company, Waltham contained the oldest integrated textile mill in the entire country. For its cloth roduction, Waltham was a key player in the industrial revolution. Several old estates were built in Waltham, including the Lyman Estate in 1793, the Gore Place in 1806, and the Robert Treat Paine Estate in 1966. Waltham remains an industrious town and is home to Brandeis University, which was founded after World War II by several academics including Albert Einstein. Neil Burns won his first trial in Waltham District Court in 1988 and continues to find success there.

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