Truck Accident Evidence

Trucking accidents are very unlike other motor vehicle accidents in that they can cause much more serious injuries and leave the victims with more severe damages.  Accidents involving commercial trucks are also much different because of the fact that at least one of the vehicles involved is usually owned by a large company.  When a truck accident occurs with a truck that is owned by a trucking business, they will often send out their own investigator to collect the truck accident evidence.  All too often, these investigators will gather only the evidence which makes the driver of their company truck look not responsible.

Many times, a truck insurance investigator collecting evidence at a truck accident will arrive while the police are still working the scene.  They may talk with witnesses, take pictures, and more to try to protect their company from liability.  This is because the trucking company knows that it is their responsibility to pay for any damages a victim may incur during a trucking accident if their driver is found liable or negligent.  This is also true if the accident was caused by defects in the truck, or lack of maintenance.

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What Evidence is Collected After a Trucking Accident?

Because of the seriousness of trucking accidents, there is much more to collecting the evidence from one than from other types of vehicle crashes.  Trucking companies have to comply with a host of safety regulations and standards that most people on the road never know of.  The following are some of the various types of evidence which can be collected at the scene of a trucking accident:

Trucking Accident Evidence About the Driver

  1. As far as his or her qualifications, does he or she have their CDL license?
  2. What was his experience?  Other qualifications?
  3. Has the driver been properly trained? Is there evidence of this?
  4. How many hours of service has the driver docked?  Are his or her logs up to date and properly maintained?
  5. Are the driver’s inspection records as they should be?
  6. Did he or she take and pass drug and alcohol screening taken immediately after the accident?

Trucking Accident Evidence About the Truck

Evidence about the truck is also collected after a trucking accident, such as:

  1. Data from the GPS system and communications systems
  2. Maintenance history and proof of upkeep
  3. Downloads of the systems on board, such as engine control module
  4. History of the inspections performed and their results

Of course, other factors, such as whether or not the truck was overloaded, the road conditions, the condition of other drivers, and more will be taken into account when any trucking accident is being investigated.

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