MBTA Accidents

Anyone who has ever lived in the Boston area for very long has likely heard of the “T,” or MBTA, which stands for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Created by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1964, the MBTA was to become the main form of public transportation in the Greater Boston area. MBTA owns almost every form of public transportation in Massachusetts and the Greater Boston Area, including the bus lines, subway system, ferries, and commuter rails. While there are a few other forms of public transportation in the state, over 1.3 million people use the MBTA’s various forms of transportation each and every day. Unfortunately, with that much traffic, there are bound to be a great deal of accidents.

Types of MBTA Accidents

Whether you travel by trolley, ferry, bus, commuter rail, or other MBTA form of transportation, accidents can sometimes occur. There are many different kinds of accidents that can happen from the various types of transportation that the MBTA offers, and each one can cause different types of injuries. Unsafe conditions on MBTA property could contribute to an accident. This could be anything from a slip and fall accident to a wrongful death, and could occur in an elevator accident, stairwell accident, or even in a parking lot. Ferry accidents could cause crushing death, drowning, and many other types of injuries. Accidents on a bus subway, commuter rails, etc can cause many injures similar to those in serious car accidents. Any of these types of MBTA accidents could cause serious injuries or even death.

Types of Injuries Sustained in MBTA Accidents

The injuries that are commonly sustained in an MBTA accidents and collision can be very serious and life changing. Victims in such accidents may face loss time at work, large medical bills, and years of rehabilitation, significant pain and suffering and even need constant care for the rest of their lives. A MBTA accident victim could suffer from any of the following types of injuries, or others.

● MBTA accident victims could suffer from trauma to the head, either open or closed head injuries.
● Those injured in a MBTA accident may have broken bones, pulled muscles, sprains, etc.
● Severe lacerations and other types of open wounds could occur in an MBTA accident, which could lead to serious infections.
● MBTA accident victims could also suffer from internal injuries.

The issues caused by such an accident with these types of injuries could last for months, years, or a lifetime. There are rules and requirements for filing claims with the MBTA that are different from filing a claim against a nongovernment defendant. You should seek an attorney with experience. If you or someone you love has suffered injury or death due to an MBTA accident, give Boston Attorney Neil Burns and Roshan Jain a call today. He has been filing claims and litigating against the MBTA since 1985.