Slip and Fall in a Grocery Store

According to the United States National Safety Council, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in the United States. Every day tens of thousands of people are injured while simply trying to go about their daily lives. Unfortunately, this type of injury is often dismissed or overlooked by those who may not realize how serious they can be.

For years, slip and fall accidents have even been the meat of many jokes and comic television scenes. For those who have been injured, a slip and fall is no laughing matter. The emotional, physical, and financial repercussions of suffering a slip and fall accident can be devastating. For instance, victims may:

  • Lose time from work negatively impacting their income;
  • Face long hospital stays and long-term rehabilitation resulting in mounting medical bills;
  • Never fully recover and will need lifetime care, or
  • Suffer wrongful death.

Although the emotional toll of such accidents can be very heavy, the financial toll could be impossible for a person or family to bear. So what can be done for these victims?

That’s where the help of a good lawyer comes in. An experienced personal injury lawyer, like the ones at Burns & Jain can help slip and fall accident victims get full and fair monetary compensation from premises owners and their insurance companies for their injuries. We may be able to help you too. Call us today for an always free consultation to discuss your situation.

Slip and Fall in a Grocery Store

Grocery stores are often the site of slip and fall accidents. When you think about all of the substances that can end up the floor of every grocery store, from drinks, spills, and leaks, water and other liquids make a floor slippery and/or sticky.

When a customer drops a glass jar of pickles or a store roof leaks, the liquid puddles on the floor creating a hazard and causing a customer to lose their footing. Uneven tile or cracks in the floor can cause a customer to fall. Boxes and other items may be left in the path of customers causing a customer to trip. Some stores may put off maintenance and an older rug can cause a customer to fall.

All of these conditions can cause a customer to suffer a slip and fall accident in a grocery store; and all of these are the responsibility of the store owner.

What Should You Do?

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident in a grocery store, there are a number of actions that you should take.

  • First, get medical attention. Your number one priority after any accident should be your health. If you fall, it is best to stay put where you are and have someone call 911. You could have suffered broken bones that you are unaware of, and moving could further aggravate that injury.
  • While waiting for medical personnel to arrive, try to get the names and number of as many witnesses as possible.
  • If you are able, and have a cell phone, get pictures of the scene where your accident occurred. Include images of any substances or items on the floor that caused the fall.
  • Once you have received medical attention for your injuries, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer specializing in premise liability lawsuits.

At Burns & Jain we can help you determine the best course of action for you to take in seeking compensation for your injuries. Premise liability attorneys can also help if you have a loved one who suffered wrongful death due to a slip and fall accident in a store. Call us today for an always free consultation to discuss your situation.