Restaurant Slip and Fall Accidents

In recent estimates, over a million restaurant guests are injured each year in slip and fall accidents. This is an unfortunate truth which costs the restaurant industry almost $3 billion dollars annually. In our experience, many of these accidents could have been avoided if only the restaurant’s employees had cleaned up a spill on the floor, or the owner had replaced a torn carpet.

When a customer is injured in a restaurant slip and fall accident, the property owner is usually held responsible for the medical bills, loss of time at work, and even emotional suffering of the accident victim.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury due to a restaurant slip and fall accident, there are a few steps that you can take to protect your rights.

  1. Seek medical attention. This should always be the first thing to do in any situation where injury has occurred. It is best not to try to move until medical help arrives. The best thing to do is to stay put and have someone call 911.
  2. Get the names and numbers of any potential witnesses. If you can, get the names and numbers of anyone who may have witnessed your fall. In most states, you must prove that the fall was the fault of the restaurant due to negligence. Witnesses can help to do so.
  3. Get pictures of the scene. If you can, either take pictures yourself, or have someone take pictures of the scene of your accident. Make sure to include images of any spills or other factors which contributed to your fall.
  4. Report your fall to the manager. While many people are embarrassed when they fall and just want to get away from the scene, it is vital to report your accident.
  5. Do not sign any written statement, nor give permission for your accident report to be recorded. The words used when you are in pain and embarrassed from a fall may be misleading.
  6. Contact a lawyer. A premise liability or personal injury lawyer can help you receive any compensation that you may deserve if you have been the victim of a restaurant slip and fall accident. Call one immediately to determine whether or not you should file a premise liability lawsuit.

Here is some more important information on restaurant slip and fall accidents.

Common Injuries From Restaurant Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Permanent disfigurement, whether from scarring or other injury.
  • Facial lacerations from broken glass, hitting ones head on a table, counter, etc.
  • Internal bleeding from injuries sustained in the fall.
  • Brain hemorrhaging after hitting ones head in a fall.
  • Fractured hip or pelvis, or broken limbs from landing on bones and shattering them in a fall.
  • Separated shoulder, sometimes caused by grabbing at something to try and avoid a fall.
  • Spinal cord injuries which could cause permanent paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Neck Injury.

Common Reasons for Restaurant Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Lack of staff training on ways to avoid accidents.
  • Failure to clean up spills and leaks immediately.
  • Damage to carpets and rugs.
  • Uneven floors, tiles, etc.
  • Slippery flooring.
  • Improper maintenance.
  • Unlit stairways, hallways, and bathrooms.
  • Missing or broken hand rails on stair ways.

If You Have Experienced a Restaurant Slip and Fall Accident, contact the attorneys at Burns & Jain. Your first consultation with us is completely free, and you won’t have to pay any attorney fees until you receive compensation. We have extensive experience handling cases like yours, and a remarkable track record of success in helping our clients get full and fair monetary compensation from the premises owners and their insurance companies for their injuries. We may be able to help you too. Call us today to discuss your situation.