Diving and Swimming Pool Accidents

While pool accidents can happen, it is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that the area around their swimming pools is safe. When an owner fails to do so and a guest, customer, or employee is injured, the owner can be found liable in court. If this happens, the owner could be ordered to pay compensation to the victim and/or their families for pain and suffering, loss time at work, medical bills, and even financial hardships due to death.

Pool and diving injuries may also be as a result of negligently designed equipment. It is important to have an experienced personal injury attorney review the facts in your case, investigate, and determine who all the possible responsible parties are. Many times there is a corporation that was responsible for the design and construction of the swimming pool, slide or diving board. There are often recalls. An experienced personal injury attorney like the attorneys at Burns & Jain will help identify the possible defendants, evidence needed, and experts to assist in proving that the owner, the designer or builder, are responsible.

Possible Repercussions of Diving and Pool Accidents

Diving and pool accidents have taken the lives of many people. Even if the victim survives, the injuries sustained can cause permanent damage to victims and their families. If a victim suffers a significant injury in the water, such as a broken neck, or is just simply knocked unconscious, he or she could drown before anyone even knows there is a problem. Even if the victim is removed from the water quickly, permanent brain damage, paralysis, and many other life-altering injuries can and do occur in a diving accident. Head and spinal cord injuries can leave a victim completely dependent on others for the simplest of care. When this happens, the costs of medical bills, permanent loss of income, and full time care can be overwhelming for the family. A personal injury and premise liability lawyer can help make sure that the victim is compensated.

What You Should Do If You Have Been Injured in a Diving or Pool Accident

In accidents of any type, the very first thing to do is make sure that the victim receives medical attention. Next, get the names and information of any witnesses of the scene and of the accident. Find out who was there in the immediate past as well so any problems with the pool or diving board can be identified.

It is critical to take pictures of the accident site as soon after the accident as possible. This will be helpful for any personal injury attorney whom you hire.

As soon as is reasonably possible, contact a premise liability lawyer to help you determine whether or not you should file a personal injury lawsuit. In Massachusetts, the attorneys at Burns & Jain can help you receive compensation for your injuries. We have a remarkable track record of success in helping our clients get full and fair monetary compensation from the premises owners and their insurance companies for their injuries. Please call us today for your always free consultation to see if we may be able to help you too.

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