Cross Walk Ramp Injuries

In the year 2009 alone, there were over four thousand pedestrians killed in cross walk ramp accidents, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. Almost fifty of those accidents occurred in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In almost half of all cross walk ramp injuries, the victim either ran in front of a car, or ran onto a roadway or intersection. In 2009, eight of the cross walk ramp deaths happened when the victim was working in or on the road. Cross walk ramp injuries can also occur in cases where the victim tripped on a crosswalk. The premises liability lawyer at Burns & Jain can help if you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a crosswalk ramp injury.

Cross Walk Injuries Often Fatal

Cross walk ramp injuries are often fatal, and almost always devastating due to the immense damage that occurs when a four thousand pound chunk of steel slams into a one hundred pound person of soft flesh. Even in cases where the victim survives, those who are hit at crosswalks can receive life-altering injuries. In cases of cross walk injuries, an experienced premise liability lawyer can help the victims to receive compensation for their pain and suffering, time loss from work, medical bills, etc.

What Causes Cross Walk Ramp Injuries?

There are several contributing factors that can occur in cross walk ramp injuries. For example, one family received compensation after their loved one was killed at a defective shopping center access road. There had been no barrier or guardrail installed at the location. The woman died as a result of injures sustained in the accident. In another cross walk ramp injury premise liability case, a pedestrian was walking her dog and was struck by a car. She sued the driver of the car and won. Another pedestrian who was hit by a car received compensation for a brain injury, and another family was compensated when their seventy-nine year old loved one was hit and killed by the trash truck. One woman in Massachusetts received compensation when her husband was hit by a shuttle bus. In all of these cases, there were different causes, whether a negligent driver or failure to install safety measures.

Of course the most important factor in a cross walk ramp injury case is who was at fault. If you or someone you love has been injured in a cross walk ramp accident, Burns & Jain can help determine whether the fault lies with the pedestrian, the driver, the property owner, or someone else. Give them a call today.

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