Building Code Violation Injuries

The attorneys at Burns & Jain know that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has building codes in place in order to keep buildings and structures reasonably safe. Regulations and provisions of the state building code are adopted by the Massachusetts Board of Regulations and Standards, or BBRS. The building code is enforced by certified building inspectors whose job it is to keep the public safe from building code violation injuries.

Listed below are a few of the standards that these certified building inspectors will look for.

Building Code Standards:

  • Buildings must be structurally sound.
  • Buildings and structures must be constructed properly.
  • Buildings and structures must have adequate escape routes in case of fire.
  • Buildings and structures must be safe and reasonably clean or sanitary.

How Building Codes Can Help


Without building codes, those who live, work, and visit these buildings could suffer building code violation injuries. Building code violations are responsible for pain and suffering, serious injuries, and substantial damages among innocent guests, tenants, and visitors in many cases. In such cases, a good premise liability lawyer can help the victim to recover damages. In the state of Massachusetts, any injury sustained in the presence of a building code violation is considered evidence in a personal injury lawsuit as long as the violation contributed in some way to the injury.

Here are a few building code violations that could cause serious building code violation injuries.

Building Code Violations:

  • Broken or inadequate fire protection, including sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and fire escapes.
  • Worn or damaged elevators, or elevators which were not built in accordance with state building codes.
  • Defects in the structure of the building, whether by substandard materials having been used during its creation, or other reasons.
  • Handrails, stairways, etc which were not built up to code, or have become worn and/or damaged.
  • Substandard electrical wiring, wiring which has not been ran in accordance with the state’s building codes.
  • Lack of well placed and lit exit signs.
  • Issues with gas fittings, gas pipes, etc.
  • Inadequate locks on the exterior of the building or structure.

Those are just a few examples of building code violation issues that can cause building code violation injuries. If you or someone you love has suffered head injury, burn injury, spinal code injury, or other injury that may be the result of building code violations, or due to lack of adequate fire escape, give the attorneys at Burns & Jain a call. They have the experience to get compensation for any time lost from work, medical bills, pain and suffering and other financial hardships caused by injuries sustained from building code violation accidents, even lost income due to wrongful death. Please call us today for your always free consultation to see if we may be able to help you too.

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