Injuries to Children Resources

The following websites may assist you in preventing child injuries and accidents resulting from cars, fires, bicycles, playground equipment and toys.  If a serious injury has already occured, we can help protect your child’s legal rights to compensation. Contact us for legal advice, free review of your case, and free hospital or home visits.

Injuries to Children’s Law

Neil Burns

“Throughout my career I have represented children who have been injured as the result of others negligence. Whether it’s visiting a child at the hospital, engaging him in a game to discuss how an incident happened, or preparing her for testimony, I feel grateful to be involved, to be trusted, and to be helpful. In addition to pursuing the child’s legal rights as a victim of a trauma, I am often selected to be trustee of the monies from the case. This gives me the opportunity to remain involved with the family – helping provide educational vacations, tutors, and motor vehicles for them when they grow up!”


Child Accident Prevention Resources

Safety for Kids – Reduce childhood injuries and ensure kids’ …
90 Percent of unintentional injuries suffered by young children in their homes that could have been prevented with simple detection and correction of the …

UW Hospital and Clinics > UW Children’s Hospital > SAFE KIDS …
A coalition that brings together the expertise of individuals and organizations throughout Dane County dedicated to reducing injuries to children.

Massachusetts Child Injury Prevention Data

Injuries to Boston Children – 1995 – 1999
INJURIES TO BOSTON CHILDREN 1995-1999 Injury Surveillance Program Bureau of Health. Statistics, Research & Evaluation Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Preventing Injuries from Cars

Air Bag Safety: Sit Back, Buckle Up, Children in the Backseat
Airbags can cause permanent injuries and death from spinal cord and brain injuries, especially in children and anyone of short stature who sits in the front ..

MEDLINEplus: Child Eye Injuries
Academy of Ophthalmology). Research Air Bags May Cause Serious Eye Injuries in Children (American Academy of Ophthalmology)

Preventing Child Playground Accidents

Consumer Product-Related Statistics
1987-2000 report and 1987-1999 report Special Study: Injuries and deaths associated with children’s playground

National Spinal Cord Injury Association
Helping individuals and families with spinal cord injury issues to make informed choices.

Accidents from Dangerous Toys

“10 Worst Toys List”
for proper testing and design before products are sold, especially given the glaring inadequacies of product recalls in protecting our children from injuries.

Child Injury Medical References


Health information for you and your family


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