Construction Accidents

The lawyers at Burns & Jain we have been representing victims of construction accidents in Massachusetts for over 25 years. If you’re a construction worker, you know you work hard. Your job site can be a dangerous place. Your life and health may be jeopardized by someone else’s negligence, no matter how careful you are. Construction injuries can be very severe – they interrupt careers and, in some cases, even end lives.

Injured on the Job

If you’re ever injured while working in construction, you may be suffering pain, a loss of income, or large medical bills. Your injury – possibly caused by someone else’s carelessness – may have destroyed your ability to support your family. You need and deserve compensation.

But getting compensation for your construction work injuries can be nearly as difficult as the work itself. In these tough economic times, with businesses obsessively focused on cutting costs, this is truer than ever.

At Burns & Jain, we have a solid track record of taking and winning construction accident personal injury lawsuits. Our excellent reputation for helping injured construction workers is well-earned. You can read about some of our past construction injury cases here.

Construction injury lawsuits are very complicated. They can involve state and federal workplace safety violations, medical experts, contractor and subcontractor liability, and tough questions about what “negligence” means in a specific situation. (To learn more about negligence, see our Personal Injury FAQs. Sometimes the toughest issue is figuring out which companies, employees, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, and insurance companies should be held responsible. And it’s a safe bet that they will all have their own experienced lawyers and experts.

Don’t try to fight them alone! Call us at 617-227-7423 or email us at the Burns and Jain – we may be able to help you. To win the compensation you deserve, you may need safety experts to analyze the site and safety equipment. You may need mechanical experts to examine flaws in the construction equipment. You may need medical experts to testify about your injuries. We have access to the experts you need.

Most of all, you need a strong legal team to fight for you. Our attorneys have studied the duties of contractors, subcontractors, managers, safety inspectors, architects, engineers, developers, and city agencies. There are many federal and state laws and regulations that apply, and we have the experience to understand how they can work in your favor. There may be evidence sitting in a site manager’s file cabinet, or on a developer’s hard drive, that would prove your case – and you can count on the Boston injury lawyers at Burns & Jain to do everything in their power to get that evidence.

Construction Lawyer with Experience

We’ve helped clients get compensation for construction-related injuries with a wide variety of causes. If you’ve suffered injuries from:

    • roofing accidents
    • improperly installed scaffolding
    • elevator shaft falls
    • ladder failure
    • defective machinery
    • equipment malfunctions
    • unskilled forklift, crane or winch operation
    • electrical accidents
    • an unsafe work environment
    • overloaded equipment
    • unsafe architectural or engineering design
    • improperly stored toxic substances
    • non-compliance with OSHA safety regulations
    • or any other construction accident, make an appointment to meet with our experienced attorneys.


When you work on a job site, you use the right safety equipment. When you’re injured on a job site, you need to use the right law firm. Burns & Jain may be the right firm for you. Give us a call and make an appointment to contact us. As always, your initial consultation is completely free of charge.

We also invite you to read our Personal Injury FAQs. It contains information that we think you’ll find helpful.

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