Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn accidents happen in many situations and from many causes.  People suffer burns at work, at home, in car accidents, at parks.  Burn injuries may result from propane gas explosions, electricity, space heaters, chemicals, electrocution, and radiation or thermal sources like fire.  Many victims of burn injuries were from house fires.  Burn injuries often come from motor vehicle accidents and premises liability claims against landlords, shopkeepers or employers.

People who have suffered serious burn injuries face many hurdles in their road to recovery.  The pain and suffering of a burn victim is horrific, and impossible to overstate.  Some die, while those who survive often have a difficult and protracted rehabilitation.  They may suffer visible injuries including disfiguring scarring.  Others suffer equally horrendous injuries such as loss of hearing, sensation, or sight.  Their lives may be altered by ongoing pain, loss of employment, post traumatic stress, repeated surgeries with skin grafts, and emotional trauma from which they might never fully recover.

What is a Burn Injury Case Like?

The victim can help with his or her claim by working closely with the attorney.  First, we need to establish liability, or responsibility.  We need to know the facts of the case:  how did the situation arise that caused the injury.  Police and fire department reports can be critical.  Witness statements can be important.  Depending on the situation, we often need access to information as soon as possible so we can gather the information necessary to make a claim and win a lawsuit.  Second, we need documentation such as medical records and documentation regarding lost income and other monetary losses.  Finally, and most significantly, we need to work with our clients to be able to understand their pain and suffering.  It is our job to be able to explain the extent of loss to the insurance company or to the jury.

If we can do all of the above, we have an excellent chance of resolving the case BEFORE it gets to a jury.  The drama associated with burn accidents is not what insurance companies want to go before a jury.  Preparation often results in putting our clients in the best position to resolve a case in mediation or with an insurance company settlement.

Experienced Burn Injury Attorney

The Boston accident attorneys at Burns & Jain we are proud to represent the victims of burn injuries. We have the experience, the resources, and the drive to aggressively and skillfully pursue justice for clients with burn injuries, and have had remarkable success in helping our clients with burn injuries obtain the monetary compensation they deserve.

If you’ve been burned, or if your family member suffered or died from burns, you may be entitled to receive monetary compensation. We understand the severity of burn injuries and dedicate ourselves helping burn victims and their families get the compensation they deserve and that may be needed to get their lives back on track.

Chances are, we’ve handled a case much like yours, and helped that client win monetary compensation. If you’d like to read about some of the ways we’ve helped our clients win burn injury cases, read about our case results. Your initial consultation is always free, and you won’t need to pay any attorney fees until we help you win monetary compensation. So call today to contact online the experienced Massachusetts burn injury lawyers at Burns & Jain.

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