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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the United States saw over 5.5 million motor vehicle collisions in 2009 and suffered the loss of 30,000 drivers and passengers. Auto crashes, motorcycle accidents, and truck collisionsoften cause physical and emotional trauma or even wrongful death. While the first, most obvious step after an accident is to seek medical treatment, the next step is less immediately apparent. To cope with fiscal expenses, you may need the assistance of aLynn personal injury lawyer. Lynn residents have always found Attorney Neil Burnssuccessful in winning the compensation they deserve for their personal injuryThe Law Office of Neil Burns is known for its attorneys’ sympathy and patience with clients. Attorney Burns’ experience and thoroughness bring settlements that clients are excited about.

Located ten miles up the Massachusetts coast from Boston, Lynn is quite close to ourdowntown Boston office. Lynn is home to a number of natural sites, including Lynn Beach and Lynn Woods, the largest public park in New England and the second largest in the United States. Lynn’s population hovers around 90,000, a portion of which comprises the largest Bosnian community in Massachusetts.

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Lynn was featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not, because a wall around the perimeter of its cemetery is the second longest stone wall in the world, the largest being the Great Wall of China. Below Lynn lies a tunnel called Dungeon Rock that served as an old destination for Atlantic pirates. Rumor has it that hoards of treasure are still buried in its depths. Despite its rich history, Lynn, unfortunately, is like any other city in its vulnerability to driving accidents. Lynn residents have consulted the Law Office of Neil Burns about their injuries for over 25 years.

The disorder that comes after a motor vehicle collision is not conducive to clear reporting on what exactly happened. Often, police and accident reports will omit or unintentionally twist details of great importance to your case. Attorney Burns will analyze these reports and confer with other parties to extract the proper story of your accident. He will negotiate with insurance companies to reach the settlement to which you are entitled for your personal injury, lost wages, medical bills, and property damage. He will help you navigate through complex insurance documents and will take care of the complications associated with uninsured or under-insured drivers. In the event of a conflicting account of the accident that cannot be sorted out, Attorney Burns will work in cooperation with traffic experts to simulate your accident and acquire the information in contention.

The Law Office of Neil Burns offers free consultationsfree file reviewand free hospital visitsOur attorneys sincerely enjoy aiding clients and guiding them through the legal process to arrive at settlements that represent the injuries they have sustained. We charge no fee until we win. For more information, please visit ourpersonal injury blog or our injury case results. Call 617-227-7423 or contact us and we will answer any questions free of charge.


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