Can We Fire our Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Can we fire my family’s wrongful death lawyer? Good afternoon. My name is Neil Burns, and I want to answer that question. The simple answer is yes. Of course, you can always fire your lawyer and get a new lawyer. Wrongful death cases are very serious cases, of course. They’re the worst cases and at the point where you need lawyers with respect to a lawsuit for causing the death, the wrongful death of a loved one, friend, a family member, partner.

Child, parent, they’re very serious cases and they involve medicals, they involve family dynamics. And some lawyers can’t help you negotiate that. Some lawyers can’t help you get through that. It’s usually a communication issue, but it’s also a competence issue of getting you through all the steps, filing the probate, dealing with the other attributes of the wrongful death, and then the basic lawsuit of a personal injury lawsuit compounds all that. 

And again, throughout the case, there’s going to be, in many cases, dynamics between family members, between friends, between witnesses to the events. So these are very serious cases with ramifications that go well into the future.

It’s not just about money, it’s about family dynamics. Some lawyers are not good at helping with that. We tend to tell people in the initial call, when they call and say there’s malpractice, the lawyer says they’re representing so and so, but they’re really representing someone else, or a family lawyer, whatever.

We tend to say, try to communicate with the lawyer, because He or she may be doing a good job. It just may be a very slow process. Court dates are far into the future and the insurance defense folks take advantage of that. They put things off and put things off. They don’t comply with the rules of court sometimes in terms of filing things on time and they get away with it because things take so long.

And the attorney has to explain that to you. You have to understand why things are happening. Otherwise, it just isn’t fair to you and your family. But if you’ve communicated with your lawyer and you can’t get through with him or her and it’s not working, it’s not a good dynamic, it’s not a good fit, give us a call at Burns and Jain.

We’ve represented victims of wrongful death since back in 1985, many, many years. I’ve been in this building here at 6 Beacon Street since 1987, representing victims of wrongful death, personal injury, legal malpractice. So if you think you’re a victim of. personal injury legal malpractice, wrongful death case, if you think your lawyer is not doing a good job, give us a call. We can try to help you. We will help you if we represent you. And it’s a free initial consultation. So call Burns and Jain 617-227-7423. We’re effective, we’re aggressive, and we care about you.