Can I Fire My Motorcycle Lawyer?

Can we fire my motorcycle accident lawyer? Yes. Good afternoon. My name is Neil Burns. I’m a lawyer here in Boston along with my partner, Roshan Jain. We represent victims of motorcycle accidents. We’ve been doing so since 1985 here in this building at Six Beacon street since 1987. 

So if you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident, there’s lots of things that you need to know and that your lawyer needs to explain to you. And most motorcycle accident lawyers will do that. The ones that advertise on TV tend to be pretty good. However, there’s a high volume in some of those places. If they don’t think they can make a lot of money, sometimes they push people off and you don’t feel like you’re getting the best representation.

Most times it’s not negligence, it’s not legal malpractice, it’s just failure to communicate. If you don’t like your lawyer, if you’re not working well with your lawyer, if the strategy that he or she is explaining isn’t for you or if they’re not explaining a strategy and you want to switch lawyers, give us a call.

It’s a free initial consultation. But motorcycle cases are different in many ways. One is there’s no PIP, there’s no Personal Injury Protection Insurance, which covers some initial medical bills and lost earnings up to a certain amount. It’s no fault, so it really helps people when there’s controversy over how the accident happened.

But in motorcycle cases, there’s a prejudice against the riders of motorcycles. There always has been, and they look at all sorts of things to not pay you. The insurance defense industry, the insurance defense lawyers, the adjusters, they come up with all sorts of things and they look at your social media posts.

They do all sorts of things to prevent you from getting money. And sometimes some lawyers will, when they see the pushback, they just will stop and they will fail to communicate with you that they’re stopping you and think you need a new lawyer. And in some cases you do. In some cases you don’t.

They’re actually doing a good job. So communicate with them first. If that doesn’t work, you can hire us or hire another firm. It’s not that hard to get a new lawyer if you have a good case and statute of limitations is not blown or some other problem with the lawsuit making it a moot suit. In those cases, you may have a legal malpractice case, but most cases you don’t.

We represent victims of motorcycle accidents all the time. There are some very serious cases. Lots of serious injuries typically than in a car accident case because of the nature of the motorcycle you’re riding outside.  There’s lots of broken bones, lots of scarring, lots of facial injuries, burn injuries, road rash type injuries.

Give us a call at Burns and Jain. We’d love to help you if we can. If you need to fire your lawyer, you can, we’re effective, we’re aggressive, and we care about you. We want you to get the best possible result. So call Burns and Jain 617-227-7423. Thank you.