Can I Fire My Dog Bite Lawyer?

Can I fire my dog by lawyer? Yes, absolutely. Good afternoon. My name is Neil Burns, and along with my partner Roshan Jain, we represent victims of Legal malpractice and personal injury and in particular dog bite cases, victims of dog bites. And we recently got a call from someone who wanted to fire their dog bite lawyer.

And, you know, can I do this? They looked us up because we do legal malpractice. They thought the lawyer had been committing malpractice when in fact that particular lawyer was really just not communicating. So that’s the number one thing that we tell people work with your lawyer try to communicate with your lawyer try to get in to meet him or her on a zoom call on a phone call and Maybe there’s a strategy you don’t understand, but if you’ve been a victim of a dog bite case or a dog knockover case you might not only be severely hurt but there might be an emotional component to it where you’re afraid of dogs or afraid of a neighborhood or just fearful in general. These are serious cases that have ramifications that are far beyond a little scar on your arm or your leg.

They’re usually quite serious cases by the time they get to a lawyer. And if your lawyer doesn’t understand it, if your lawyer is not helping you work through the legal part of it, if he or she isn’t helping you, guide you through understanding how the medical bills, the medical treatment, the scarring, the emotional stress and distress from it all is impacting your case, if they’re not good at that and you’re not communicating with them, get a new lawyer, fire your lawyer and hire someone else. You can hire us. 

There’s lots of competent attorneys out there, but work with your lawyer. We’re aggressive. We’re effective and we care about you. So we will give you a free initial consultation. And if you have a legal malpractice case about a dog bite lawyer, we can certainly handle that.

But more than likely, you have a case in which you just need to prosecute your case, your claim. And that could mean working with you to get a demand to the insurance company. It could be helping you through the discovery process on a lawsuit, interrogatories, production of documents, depositions, so that you can explain yourself, explain your case, show how well you will appear at trial so you can try to resolve your case or try your case.

You need to feel comfortable with your lawyer. He or she is going to be with you at critical moments in your case. Those critical moments come when you might not expect them. In divorce cases, for example, you think you’re going in for some type of pre-trial or trial, you’re ready for trial, judges go out there and settle your case, and there’s a lot of pressure put on people.

It’s the same with a dog bite case. It could be at a deposition, it could be at a pretrial, it could be at a mediation. You need to feel comfortable with your lawyer. If you don’t, give us a call. It’s a free initial consultation at Burns and Jain. 617-227-7423. Thank you.