Legal Malpractice and the Employment Lawyer – Full Value Settlement – Two Years Lost Pay Plus Future Earnings

We represented a young man in the South Shore of Boston area who finished graduate school and needed to have two years of supervised work before he could get fully licensed in his career. He was hired at a firm, completed his work with them, and he was actively supervised for two full years. At the end of two years, he filled out his Massachusetts licensure forms, but the firm didn’t fill out their form. Something was going on. It went back and forth for some time, and he figured out finally that the supervisor, his supervisor, for two years was not licensed in Massachusetts. The supervisor was licensed in another state, but not licensed in Massachusetts!

Client Hires Massachusetts Employment Law Firm

So he went to an employment law firm and explained that he was about to lose two years of increased income, and his self-esteem was damaged as well. The lawyers informed that they were experienced employment lawyers who could fix this situation. The employment lawyer wrote a letter to the employer; the employer hired their own law firm. The employer’s law firm said, agreed that our client had been wronged and promised to do the work to make him whole. They actually tried to lobby the licensing board but did not work; the employer’s lawyer was unable to help.

Our client’s lawyer, however, promised to file suit to get some justice for him. They informed him, over and over, that the case was pending.

Client Moved On With No Response From His Negligent Lawyer

After two additional years, at lower pay, he got his certification. He actually went on and got a the job he had been promised two years earlier, for his full salary, albeit two years later. He continued to contact his employment lawyer and was regularly told that the lawsuit, for two years lost income, was pending.

Employment Law Firm Was Deceptive

Finally, he contacted his lawyer and, confidentially, said he needed the money and needed to move on. The lawyer got some more personal information from him and then, after years of neglecting the case, told him his former employer was offering 30% of the value of his case. He was frustrated, but settled.

And two weeks later we got a check and he asked them, “What about my final bill?” And all that. They said, “Don’t worry about it. We feel so bad that it took so long. We’re not going to worry about it.” He said, “Okay, thank you. I didn’t get a great result, but I got some money and I’m going to move on with my life.”

Out client did move on. He got married, had kids, bought a house, moved on in his career. And then one day looking up his own name in Google, he saw that there was a lawsuit and an appeal; and that he had lost the lawsuit and he had lost the appeal. He knew nothing about any of this. Nothing. Actually, he went to an attorney he knew in New York, and the New York lawyer researched and found us. And we represented him.

Client Hires Burns & Jain For Employment Legal Malpractice Case

We found out that the “settlement” was a total scam, by his own lawyers His own lawyers scammed him! First, they lost the case. Second, they lost an appeal. Third, they lied to him about it. Fourth, they paid him their own money to get rid of him, to shut him up.

They had a clear conflict of interest. This was just a horrible example of what a negligent lawyer can and will and did do. It was horrible. We went to the Courthouse law library to get all the paperwork in the middle of COVID, and we found all the documents from the lawsuit, copied them, and we reviewed them.

We sent a demand package to the lawyer and the law firm that was representing him previously. They responded with insurance defense counsel. We were able to settle the case in a mediation without filing a lawsuit. Our client was very pleased because we got him full value for his case for his lost two years of earnings, plus the future lost earnings because he had two years behind in his career.

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