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Framingham, Massachusetts is a large city outside of Boston with an interesting notoriety for having made an invaluable contribution to modern medicine; since 1948, a large number of residents have participated in the Framingham Heart Study.  Today, much of what we know about cardiovascular health comes from this long term study, which is now on its third generation of participants.  Is there any wonder that Money Magazine recently placed Framingham as number 36 in the country for best places to live?Framingham has a rich history.  Founded in 1700 along the Old Connecticut Path following the death of Thomas Danforth, who owned 15,000 acres called Danforth Farms.


On the one hand Mr. Danforth presided over some of the Salem Witch Trials; on the other hand, he provided refuge to Sarah Clayes and her family after she was after she was accused of being a witch and mysteriously escaping Salem.  Immediately prior to the Revolutionary war, British spies stopped in Framingham to survey an inland route from Boston to Worcester.  Seeing the large number of “troops” the British diverted their plan to march to Lexington and Concord.  Prior to 1865, Framingham was the center for Abolitionists with an annual rally every year on the Fourth of July.Today Framingham has over 26,000 households, with an average size of 2.34 members.  In recent years there has been an influx of Brazilian immigrants, many from the city of Governador Valadares.


Unlike many of the leafy suburbs, Framingham has met the Massachusetts state requirement to have at least 10% affordable housing, Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40B, which targets people within 70% of state median income.As a personal injury lawyer, with many motor vehicle accident cases, we have represented folks in Framingham on many occasions.  Motor vehicle collisions happen everywhere, including small roads.  Nevertheless, the more serious injuries tend to be from accidents on larger, faster roads, and the cross streets associated with them.  The major highway that runs through Framingham is the Massachusetts Turnpike.  Route 9, which runs east and west, bisects the town.  Routes 30, 126 and 135 are all major roads in Framingham.  Framingham car accidents are a large part of our motor vehicle practice.  Burns & Jain have successfully represented clients in Middlesex County since 1985.  He has appeared at the Framingham District Court House on numerous occasions since that date.Framingham is in Middlesex County.  Wherefore, the Superior Courts are located in Cambridge and Lowell.

The Cambridge Superior Court Courthouse is under renovation so those cases are held at 200 World Trade Center, in Woburn, Massachusetts.  The Framingham District Court is located at 600 Concord Street, in Framingham.  The district court hears cases from Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Sudbury and Wayland. Burns & Jain, with its convenient downtown Boston location only 20 miles from Framingham center, is easily accessible from Framingham via the Massachusetts Turnpike or, of course, the Commuter Rail.  We are proud to serve Framingham residents in the practice areas of personal injury, auto accidents and personal bankruptcy.   For a free consultation call Burns & Jain at 517-227-7423.