Legal Assistant Emilia MorganEmilia Morgan

Legal Assistant

Emilia Morgan, of Brookline, Massachusetts is a student at Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California.  She is accountable for the work up for all motor vehicleslip and fall and personal injury cases. She is responsible for assembling demand and settlement packages and ensuring that each case that is in litigation is kept on track.

Emilia works tirelessly assisting our attorneys in advocating for their client’s rights.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Your Legal Assistant

How can you best help Emilia as the legal assistant on your case?  For motor vehicle cases, Emilia needs any and all paperwork that you get from the insurance companies and your medical providers.  To help us prove liability, Emilia needs copies of police reports, accident reports, names and addresses of witnesses and photographs.  It is not ok to rely on the insurance company for photographs.  Emilia needs updates on your medical treatment following the accident so she can order medical records.  Significantly, Emilia will need you to write up notes in the form of a memo to us on your pain and suffering.  That is, please keep a diary and note things you cannot do as a result of your injuries.  In addition, “suffering” includes the loss you have for things that you enjoyed less than before you were injured.  For example, if you were able to attend a wedding or other special event, but not able to dance, that is “suffering” and the party responsible for it should pay.  We will not know about this unless you send us your accident diary.

PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, insurance helps injured victims of motor vehicle accidents with medical bills and lost earnings.  However, the requirements are sometimes tough to manage; especially if you are ill and unfamiliar with the “system”.  Emilia can help you with your questions.  She will guide you through getting medical bills paid, getting your copayments paid, and getting 75% of your lost wages as soon as possible.

Premises Liability and Your Legal Assistant

Emilia will assist you in preparing your premises case against the land owner.  She will work with you to get photographs, video, accident reports, legal ownership of the land information.  Emilia will secure your medical records so we can get them to the insurance company to show the injuries you sustained and document your pain and suffering.

Personal Bankruptcy and your Legal Assistant

Emilia is in charge of the electronic filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions through the federal PACER system.  She is an expert in knowing just what forms to file, just how to file them, and where snags in the system can occur.

To be most helpful in getting your federal bankruptcy case filed, please provide Emilia with the documents we noted in your engagement letter.  These documents include copies of your driver’s license, social security card, one year of bank statements, six months of payroll, two years of taxes, deed and mortgages, student loan documents, credit report, all outstanding bills and the credit-counseling certificate.  There may other documents as well.

Emilia is Your Legal Assistant

Emilia works for this office and we work for our clients.  Thus, Emilia is your legal assistant.  You get the benefits of a legal assistant with experience, in a small office where every file is reviewed by your lawyer at every stage of your case.