Distracted Driver Awareness Scholarship

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2016 Winner Ashley F.  The winning essay can be found HERE.

Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents each year. At the Law Office of Neil Burns we see firsthand the personal injuries that these motor vehicle collisions cause. Not only are the victims of the accidents but the family and members of the community are affected as well. Car accident lawyers nationwide are trying to raise awareness of these types of accidents. As a Boston Personal Injury Lawyer I have worked with many victims, and their families, whose pain and suffering could have been avoided had a distracted driver not sent that last text, or had the dog jump on his lap. We hope by offering this scholarship we will raise awareness to the dangers of distracted driving.


Who Can Apply?

This $1,000 scholarship is for any person in the United States seeking post-secondary education. We are not limiting the Distracted Driving Scholarship to any particular major or degree. Between housing, books, and tuition we understand that higher education is expensive and we seek to help relieve the burden for a deserving student.

How to Apply?

Applications of 2,000 words of less should be emailed to: neilburns@http://burnsjainlaw.com
Applicants should include their name, email address, home address and phone number.
Applicants must provide proof of identity and school enrollment.
Applicants must include a link to their Facebook profile to confirm their identity and school enrollment.
The applicant should state where they s/he is currently attending or planning to attend school in the body of their submission email.
No additional information should be included.
Applications due November 25th 2015



The essay topic should be one of the following topics:

A. “Distracted Driving and Me.” A personal story about either yourself or a close family member that was affected by distracted driving.

B. “Distracted Driver Awareness Campaign.” A personal story about an awareness campaign you have personally organized or administrated.

C. “Why You Shouldn’t Text and Drive.” An article appealing to young drivers that conveys the message that distracted driving is dangerous.

How We Select?

We will take the top five (5) essays and post them on our blog. We will choose the award recipient based on the quality of essay. In addition, we will add value to applicant’s who generate social media “buzz” on their essay; creating awareness for their essay and campaign on Facebook Shares, Retweets, Pins, +1’s and any other social media awareness.

Please no phone calls or emails other then submissions. You may review our blog http://www.boston-injury-lawyer-blog.com/ to obtain further understanding of the law. When we receive your application you will receive an email from us confirming receipt. If you’re selected as a finalist, we will require a photograph and we will send you an email with the link to your article published on our blog. From there it will be up to you to promote your article and win the scholarship.

Good luck!

Attorney Neil Burns