Can I Fire My TV Lawyer?

Can I fire my TV lawyer? Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Good afternoon. My name is Neil Burns. And along with my partner, Roshan Jain, we represent victims of legal malpractice and personal injury in Massachusetts. We get a lot of calls from people who say that their lawyer, their TV lawyer could even be a neighborhood lawyer, a family lawyer is ineffective and committed malpractice and they want a lawsuit against them. Most times that’s not the case. 

Most lawyers, TV lawyers, neighborhood lawyers, family lawyers are competent, they do a good job. However, it’s frequently that they just don’t communicate their strategy. It’s frequently a problem that they don’t communicate their strategy because the client doesn’t know what’s going on and why things are being done.

And if there’s a little mistake, it gets magnified when the lawyer doesn’t say, yeah, I made a mistake, but don’t worry if I fixed that by doing something else. And it’s not really a problem in the case. But if you can’t communicate, if you can’t effectively communicate with your lawyer, whether it’s a TV lawyer or whatnot, give us a call at Burns and Jain.

We’ve spent lots of time, represented hundreds of victims of legal malpractice and have represented victims of personal injury since 1985. We are effective, we’re aggressive, and we care about you, so we will try to get you the absolute best result. But again, the first thing you do is communicate with your lawyer.

Sit down and have a meeting with him or her that could be In their office. Figure out the strategy figure out why they’re doing what they’re doing and maybe they’re being really effective maybe there’s something they just didn’t tell you about such as a Limited policy insurance policy on the other side or they want to wait till an adjuster leaves and a new adjuster comes in or they want to file suit because they’ll get a higher end Person evaluating the case.

There could be a lot of reasons why they’re doing what they’re doing. They probably are quite competent and they’re probably quite confident in what they’re doing, but they may not be explaining it to you but as I have said in many of these videos before, what happens is there’s a critical moment in your case, your lawyer calls up and says, we want to settle the case and here’s the story.

There was a deposition and you’re asked a question that you weren’t prepared for. You’re at trial and there’s an offer, a settlement, and those critical moments are when you need to look at your lawyer and say, yeah, he and I, she and I have always been on the same page. If they recommend something, I agree, or they’ll give me two options, which are close and I can pick one that makes more sense to me.

You need to have faith in your lawyer. You need to be confident that he or she is confident. If you’re not then call us at Burns and Jain 617-227-7423. We’re aggressive, we’re effective, and we care about you. We will get you a result and it’s a free initial consultation. It’s called Burns and Jain. Thank you.