Can I Fire My Truck Accident Lawyer?

Can I fire my truck accident lawyer? Good afternoon. My name is Neil Burns. I’m a lawyer along with my partner, Roshan Jain. We represent victims of legal malpractice and personal injury here in Massachusetts. Our office is at 6 Beacon Street and has been here since 1987. And the answer to this question, can I fire my truck accident lawyer is yes, absolutely.

Absolutely. You can fire your lawyer. It’s your lawyer. You get to pick who your lawyer is. Truck accident cases are complicated cases. They deal with different insurance companies, different adjusters, different defense attorneys, and they’re frequently more complicated because the truck drivers have to comply with sometimes their interstate trucks, sometimes their out of state insurance companies, and out of state drivers.

You have to serve them through the Registry of Motor Vehicles when you file a lawsuit. It’s more complicated. You need a sort of higher level of understanding of the law. It’s not too complicated for an experienced personal injury lawyer. So if you’re having trouble with your personal injury lawyer on a truck accident case, give us a call.

But before you call us, call your lawyer, meet with your lawyer, figure out what his or her strategy is, figure out what it isn’t and figure out why. And if it makes sense to you, stick with your lawyer. You hired him or her in the first place, probably for a good reason. And they’re probably quite confident and they probably do a great job.

If you’re not confident in your lawyer, if you’re not really feeling good about it, if you don’t understand his or her strategy, or you understand it and you don’t like it, it doesn’t make sense to try to rush it through, push it through, sign things that you don’t want them to sign, get you to say things you don’t want them to say.

It’s your case. You’re badly injured. You deserve an attorney that you trust, that you have confidence in. So give us a call at Burns and Jain. What we do first is we ask you to go meet with your lawyer and see if you can work things out. And if you can’t, we can take over the case. You can fire your lawyer.

Whether it’s before a lawsuit is filed, after a lawsuit is filed. It’s not a problem. You can always fire your lawyer. Truck accident cases are complicated. They’re difficult. They involve a lot of moving parts in the insurance industry world and in the trial world. And you need someone that you can work with.

You need a lawyer that you absolutely feel is on your side and that he or she is going to fight for you. At Burns and Jain, we’re effective, we’re aggressive, and we care about you. So if you’re not comfortable with your lawyer, give us a call. Burns and Jain, 617-227-7423. Thank you.