Can I Fire My Crosswalk Accident Lawyer?

Can I fire my crosswalk accident lawyer? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Good afternoon. My name is Neil Burns and I’ve been asked to talk today a little bit about if you need to fire your lawyer, how you fire your lawyer, and in particular with a crosswalk accident case. So these are tough cases when we get them, we get calls for them in the context of legal malpractice and they typically are not legal malpractice.

What is a typical case is somebody is injured in a crosswalk and they’re badly injured and it’s a traumatic event. It’s a car or a bicycle or motorcycle hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk and you think at the very least the legal part of your case is straightforward. That you were in the right, you were in a crosswalk.

There should not be a legal struggle in all this. The medical stuff is hard enough and of course you’re dealing with your doctors and your physical about that attribute of the case. But the legal part should not be. difficult and you should not have to fire your lawyer or even go online to look for a lawyer that talks about firing a lawyer.

But we have found in many types of cases, especially injury cases, people are not communicating well with their lawyers. The lawyers are responsible for effectively communicating with their clients. We as lawyers are charged with zealously communicating what we’re doing, what our strategy is. Why are we doing what we’re doing?

Frequently, we have a great strategy and your lawyer may have a great strategy, but they’re not communicating it to you. So our first step is to say, please call your lawyer, meet with your lawyer, communicate with him or her, see if you can resolve the issue. Give us a call. You can fire your lawyer. You can hire us.

You can hire someone else. You may or may not have a case for legal malpractice, but if you have a crosswalk accident case, even though you may be in the right and even though there may be a video, we have one with a video of a person that crosswalked and they say for some reason that the person came out too quickly, they have a lot of reasons that they will use to defend these cases, the insurance companies, the insurance adjusters, the insurance defense attorneys, they’re professionals and their job is to try to reduce the amount of settlement. And they do a really good job at pushing and pushing and pushing. 

If you can’t communicate effectively with your lawyer, if you’re not on the same page, if you don’t have the same strategy, if you don’t have the same plan, if you don’t understand his or her plan, it’s not going to work. You’re badly injured. It’s true. You need us to be under the law at Burns and Jain. My partner Roshan Jain and myself, I’m practicing law for many years. I’ve been here since 1987 at 6 Beacon Street, the same building. I’ve represented hundreds if not thousands of victims of personal injury, legal malpractice.

We want to help you. We’re effective, we’re aggressive, and we care about you. So if you need to talk to a lawyer because you’re not communicating well with your lawyer and you’ve tried, give us a call at Burns and Jain, 617-227-7423. Thank you.