Brockton Lawyer

Brockton is known as the “City of Champions” because of the success of homegrown boxing champs “the Rock from Brockton” Rocky Marciano during the 1950s, and then “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler in the ‘80s. Today, Brockton weighs in as Massachusetts’ sixth largest city. Burns & Jain is located in downtown Boston, is about a 30 minute drive from Brockton. We have served Brockton residents in the practice areas of personal injury, auto accidents, legal malpractice and personal bankruptcy since 1985. Burns & Jain tries cases at the Brockton Superior Court and the Brockton District Court.  We have appeared at the federal bankruptcy court in Brockton many times.

Brockton is a part of Plymouth County.  The Brockton Superior Court, located at 215 Main Street in downtown Brockton, has jurisdiction over civil cases with a value of $25,000 or more.  The other Superior Court in Plymouth County is in Plymouth.  The Brockton District Court covers civil cases in the following towns:  Brockton, Abington, Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater and Whitman.  Any District Court case in those towns is filed in the Brockton District Court.  The Brockton Small Claims Court hears cases from those towns as well.  The jurisdictional limit for Small Claims cases is $7,500.  Further, automobile property damage cases can be filed in Small Claims Court notwithstanding the extent of damage.

Since 1985 the Law Office of Neil Burns now Burns & Jain has offered “aggressive, caring, and effective” representation to victims of car accidents, slip and fall injuries other injury cases. Attorney Burns has successfully represented Brockton area families who have suffered the wrongful death of a family member. Burns & Jains also has significant experience representing children who have suffered personal injuries. Burns & Jain has also helped a countless number of clients get out of debt by serving as theirBrockton bankruptcy attorney.  The federal Bankruptcy Courts have a “branch” in Brockton; 341 creditor hearings are heard there, before federal trustees, but there is not judge or court session in Brockton.

Brockton Personal Injury Cases In Court

When you are injured, you need an experienced attorney to represent your legal interests.  There are medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering.  And you don’t want to deal with this.  Putting you in the best position to get the maximum monies for your damages is what an aggressive Boston attorney will do for your Brockton injury case.  We put our clients first.  We will make every effort to resolve your case and avoid a lawsuit, however, if we cant, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf and work closely with you every step of the way to get your case settled.   You do not need to fear a lawsuit.  You need to fear the insurance companies and the insurance trial attorneys.

Hire An Aggressive Boston Personal Injury Attorney For Your Brockton Accident

People choose Burns & Jain as their Brockton injury attorney because he provides focused and personal attention to victims and their families, quickly and effectively moving their families toward resolution.  You may contact Burns & Jain by using the contact form on this page, or by calling 617-227-7423.  The call is free.  The consultation is free.  There is handicapped parking in front of our office on Beacon Street, there is parking under the Boston Common, or there is the One Beacon Street parking garage is located across from our office building.

Driving directions to our office in downtown Boston from Brockton are as follows: head north on I-93 and take Exit 23 toward Government Center. Continue straight onto North Street, then turn left onto Congress Street. Turn right at State Street and then turn left onto Tremont Street. Turn right into the garage at One Beacon Street just past Center Plaza and just before the corner of Beacon. Use the elevators to exit the parking garage and cross the street to arrive at Six Beacon Street.