Uninsured Accidents

Motor vehicles are required to carry insurance in Massachusetts. Most do. Some folks, however, do not have insurance. There are many reasons, but the main ones include people who are “between” policies, people who drive here from other states where insurance is not required, and vehicles that are stolen, or being used “without permission.” For those vehicles, even if the owner has insuance, the insurance company may not cover the vehicle and aid the victims.

If you are a victim of a personal injury from a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts, and you discover that the negligent driver had no insurance, don’t worry. First, so long as your vehicle had Massachusetts insurance, you have at the very least a policy for up to $20,000 of coverage for pain and suffering and lost earnings. Further, your PIP coverage will add up to another $8,000 of coverage for medical bills and lost earnings.

Most importantly, however, you should elect to buy additional uninsured motor vehicle coverage. This usually comes as a package with underinsurance and liability coverage. However, once purchased, it should cover you and your passengers in your vehicle if you are injured by an uninsured vehicle. It should cover your household members if they are injured in an uninsured vehicle or by an uninsured vehicle. You can buy coverage up to $500,000 in Massachusetts. No matter how much insurance you have, you will need to file a claim against your own insurance company.

Since 1985, I have represented victims of motor vehicle accidents [link to motor vehicle page]. I always inform our clients that uninsured insurance claims are different. You do not go through the court system, with the Civil Rules of Procedure. In fact, you must “demand” arbitration against your insurance company. You need an experienced trial attorney who is used to fighting insurance companies in motor vehicle collisions. It will cost you nothing for a consultation. Call me at 617-227-7423, read the FAQs, or send us an email. We have the experience in a situation where you are dealing with an insurance company that has only one goal: paying you the least amount possible.