Taxi Accident

Victims of Massachusetts taxi collisions face numerous hurdles when the seek recovery for personal injuries. Taxis carry minimal insurance. Taxi drivers often fail to appear for court hearings, insurance statements and depositions following accidents resulting in questionable fact gathering. Finally, considering the confusion following a collision, insufficient information is often taken by the parties, including the police, often because the advertisements on the taxi vehicle body, including “Boston Taxi” of the vehicle are not indicative of ownership: they are advertisements!


Many of our clients are in vehicles that are struck by taxis. It is not clear if it’s because they are on the road for so many miles or because the drivers are distracted, but taxis seem to be involved in a disproportionate amount of collisions in Boston and throughout the various cities in Massachusetts. Nevertheless, one of the critical factors in taxi accidents is insurance. As mentioned above, taxis are almost always underinsured.

Massachusetts law requires that taxis carry only a minimal $20,000 liability insurance policy. And taxi owners seem to always carry only the minimum. The best way to deal with the problem, outside of calling your state legislators, is to secure sufficientMassachusetts underinsurance coverage . When you are a victim of taxi negligence but there is insufficient insurance, your own motor vehicle underinsurance coverage, or your household motor vehicle underinsurance, will come into play; the full amount of your household underinsurance minus the taxi’s $20,000 policy, will be available to cover your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Often taxis hit pedestrians in Massachusetts . Again, it is not clear if this is because of the number of hours taxis spend moving about the cities. In any event, the problem is compounded with pedestrian accidents because many victims are city dwellers with no motor vehicle at home, and no underinsured coverage.


Of course, many times we represent people who are inside the taxi when there is a collision. We have also represented taxi drivers. Often however we represent clients who are passengers. Passengers, as a general rule, cannot be held responsible for their injuries. Thus, they look to the person at fault; the taxi driver, or the driver of another vehicle. Either way, liability is not the issue. What becomes the focus is damages. How badly hurt are you? You need an experienced Massachusetts attorney to guide you through the process: the taxi insurance company will fight to cut your recovery


If you or are victim of a taxi accident in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts, call Burns & Jain. We have been representing victims of taxi collisions since 1985. Neil & Roshan are aggressive, effective and caring when representing victims of taxicab accidents while giving clients personal attention from the outset to the resolution of each and every case. We have fought all of the Massachusetts taxi insurance companies.

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