How To Find A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Massachusetts

Fatalities in pedestrian cases in Massachusetts. Good afternoon. My name is Neil Burns. I’m a lawyer here in Boston, Massachusetts, along with my partner, Roshan Jain here at Six Beacon Street. We represent victims of motor vehicle accidents. And today I’m asked to talk about pedestrian fatalities.

Apparently, unfortunately, fatalities are up. The increased number of fatalities is due to all sorts of things that you can look at anecdotal evidence. You can look at some of the statistics, which include non intersection fatalities and fatalities that happen more at night, things of that nature. 

If you know someone that’s a victim of a pedestrian accident, fatality, or non-fatality, call Burns and Jain, we have a lot of experience in dealing with these cases and  they’re critical because  you have a driver who the police are going to listen to.

For some reason, the police tend to give a lot of credibility, a lot of credence to what a driver says.  His or her perspective, for some reason, is sort of the police’s perspective and for someone that’s seriously injured or fatally injured, it’s really hard to get any statement from them in the near or in distant future.

And it’s hard for them to defend themselves. So a lot of accident reconstruction has to be done. A lot of witness statements have to be taken. Sometimes there’s video from various places that we use, but these are critical cases to really get on top of at the outset, to look at from the perspective of the pedestrian, where he or she was coming from, where they were going, what the driver knew or should have known, and what the driver was doing.

Were they distracted, were they confused, on their phone? Were they driving too fast? Did they not see a pedestrian in a clearly marked crosswalk or area where there are people, school, stores? These are the facts we have to look at and we need to get pictures, we need to get videos, we need to get witness statements.

So if you are a victim or if you have a friend or family member that’s a victim of a pedestrian accident, call Burns and Jain. We’re effective,  we’re aggressive, and we care about you. We’ve been here in this building since 1987, representing victims of pedestrian cases, motor vehicle cases, and legal malpractice cases.

So if you’re a victim, call Burns and Jain. It’s a free consultation. 617-227-7423.  Thank you.