Bicycle Accidents

Along our Massachusetts roadways are signs reading “Share the road.” They serve as a reminder to motorists who forget that bicycle riders have an equal right to be on Massachusetts roads. Unfortunately, bikes are less visible on the road and so many drivers do not see bikes, or worse, they become anxious upon seeing bicyclists and make poor driving decisions. As a result, we have seen many clients who are victims of collisions between bicycles and cars. These accidents include wrongful death and often broken bones. The Boston personal injury attorneys at Burns & Jain represent victims of bicycle accidents in Boston and the surrounding suburbs.

Our injury and bicycle accident attorneys understand that motor vehicle drivers will often blame the bicyclist. This happens most often when the bicyclist is injured so badly that the police are unable to take a statement from him or her, and the motorist makes up a story. And then sticks by it.

Many motor vehicle accidents whereby a bicyclist is struck and injured occur when the driver of the automobile turns left into the oncoming cyclist, the driver cuts across the path of the cyclist in attempting a right-hand turn, or the driver runs a stop sign or red light and strikes the cyclist directly. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, contact our personal injury attorneys, who understand both the dynamics of bicycle injuries and Massachusetts law as it relates to bicycles and the rules of the road.

Always remember that when cycling in and around Boston, safety is first. Despite the relatively small numbers of bicyclists as compared with other cities, many serious bicycle-related injuries do occur in and around Boston. Bicycle-related head injury is regarded as a serious and costly problem and helmets are seen as an important remedy. Also, if you ride at night, the use of a light can help in your being seeing by passing and on-coming motorists.

Massachusetts is definitely making headway in promoting bicycle use and safety. An increasing number of bike lanes continue to be added to existing roadways, making those areas safer for cyclists and motorist alike. Grass roots bicycle organizations have been involved in key projects throughout the state promoting cyclist safety, including current work being done on the Longfellow Bridge, trying to extend the Community Path in Somerville, advocating for bike lanes on Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, and providing input on the current Whittier Bridge project.

If you are involved in a bicycle accident, call an experienced personal injury attorney. We can help you get your medical bills paid, your lost wages collected and monies for pain and suffering. We are experienced in developing your case for the insurance company, the insurance lawyers, and, if necessary, for the court. We urge you to contact us so that we can aggressively protect your rights and get an effective result.