Legal Malpractice in New Hampshire

At Burns & Jain we represent victims of legal malpractice in Massachusetts. Our Associate Attorney Heather Zengilowski is also licensed in New Hampshire as well.  She represents victims of serious personal injury and lawyer malpractice, or negligence. There are many types of legal malpractice cases in New Hampshire that Attorney Zengilowski works on. The following are a few examples:

• Blown statute of limitations
• Conflicts of interest
• Civil procedure violations
• Failure to supervise associate attorney properly
• Billing conflicts
• Motor vehicle cases with ineffective counsel
• Bankruptcy attorney negligence
• Violations of the NH Rules of Professional Conduct
• Violation of NH Consumer Protection Act (CPA), Chapter 358-A when a lawyer is “for unfair or deceptive”

Legal Malpractice Process

We work with the victims of legal malpractice to coordinate a strategy for prosecuting their claim; we communicate our strategy clearly; we gather all of the documents and organize a demand; Burns & Jain has litigated legal malpractice cases for over 30 years and are aggressive and effective in getting results for our clients. Attorney Zengilowski has been a member of the NH bar since 2015.

Does the NH Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Chapter 358-A Apply to NH Lawyers?

In 1986, the NH Supreme Court held, in Rousseau v. Eshleman that attorneys were exempt from the Consumer Protection law because attorneys are subject to a “regulatory board” in the bar association requirement (which is not the case in Massachusetts) and also because NH has a Professional Conduct Committee, according to the Court.

Burns & Jain

Neil Burns has been representing victims of personal injury for over 30 years and legal malpractice since 1991 in Massachusetts.  He has successfully obtained jury verdicts, treble / triple damage awards for violation of Chapter 93A the Consumer Protection Statute, attorney fee awards, and has settlements, arbitration awards and mediation agreements for hundreds of clients.

Attorney Roshan Jain has been practicing law in since 2005 and is in court on a regular basis representing victims of legal malpractice, and personal injury in Massachusetts.  He regularly goes up against the biggest insurance defense firms and wins summary judgment motions, discovery motions, and trials.  He is considered tenacious and effective by the insurance trial lawyers.  His clients say he cares about them and it matters, especially after the ordeal they went through in their underlying case.

Attorney Heather Zengilowski has been representing victims of personal injury and negligence in Massachusetts since 2014 and in New Hampshire since 2015.

Legal Malpractice Confidentiality Agreements

Most cases involving legal malpractice result in a settlement with a “confidentiality agreement.”  This is a contract between our client and the prior attorney (and his or her insurance company) which forbids the client from discussing the settlement.  Wherefore, for the representative cases in this section of the website, when we entered into a confidentiality agreement, we have changed names, towns, and genders so that our clients are not in violation of the confidentiality agreements.  We have not changed dates.

Call Burns & Jain for a Free Consultation

We offer free consultations for potential clients.  We often will ask for documentation from your underlying case and will review that at no cost to you.  Most cases are contingent fee cases in which we only get paid when you get paid.  Some cases are hourly.  All cases have written fee agreements signed by both sides outlining the scope of our representation.
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