Holiday Letter 2020

In 2020 our lives have been reshaped by COVID-19 and we have all been forced to adapt, persevere, and survive. Some of us have been touched deeply by the vims and as this winter season approaches, it is time for us to reflect and give one another love and understanding – regardless of the tribal divides we may perceive. The winter season also brings us great opportunity to start anew – scientists have defied our imaginations and are beginning to deliver vaccines that will eventually allow us to return to some level of normalcy and we have the chance to allow our collective resilience to newly bind us together rather than tear us apart.

Here in Boston, we are pleased and grateful that we have been able to continue working tirelessly on behalf of our clients – whether by court hearings and depositions conducted on Zoom or by persuasive written work that brings your case to life in the minds of judges, opposing counsel, and insurance companies. From clients in need of a fresh start through bankruptcy to victims of accidents and legal malpractice, we are here, working hard for you even if the way we practice law may be forever altered by the new technologies upon which
we now rely.

Insurance companies (and their adjusters and defense lawyers) are battling the victims of personal injury and legal malpractice like never before. With civil trials delayed, these insurance folks have tried to take advantage through delay and smaller settlement offers. We have responded by applying strategic and tactical pressure in your cases, and we are continuing to deliver excellent results in this difficult time. We know how to drive your case to a successful resolution – even in the time of CO VID.

We continue to donate to anti-poverty and environmental organizations and give back to our communities – Ginger represents women victims of domestic violence in the Probate and Family Court; Roshan coaches baseball in his town; and Neil volunteers for the Appalachian
Mountain Club, focusing on getting kids outdoors.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, your family, and your fiiends in the future. On behalf of our firm, we wish you, your family, and your loved ones a very happy holiday season, and peace and health in the New Year.

Very truly yours,

Neil Z. Burns

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