Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcyclists, and their passengers, are in involved in collisions, their injuries are often far more severe than those driving or riding in cars. Motorcyclists are more likely to have spine, back, and/or head injuries that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

In addition, Massachusetts does not provide Personal Injury Protection benefits for motorcyclists. Thus, the real and serious question of how your medical bills will be paid, and how your lost wages will be reimbursed if you can’t work, are issues we begin working on immediately.

The Boston accident attorneys at the Burns & Jain will begin working with you immediately. We are aggressive when working with the insurance company during the claims process. We often have to file suit, however. This does not mean that you will have to go to trial. Statistically, and in our experience, most case settle after some portion of discovery is undertaken by the insurance attorneys.

While our clients are treating with their doctors, we keep the insurance companies at bay. After you finish treating, we send a demand package to the insurance company. The demand package includes proof of pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and repair bills for the damage to your motorcycle. We present documentary evidence in the form of medical records, photographs, police reports and work records to the insurance companies. If you have permanent injuries, we work with your doctors to get a report regarding the extent of permanency. We aggressively work with the insurance companies and their lawyers to maximize the results for our clients.

The Massachusetts personal injury attorneys at the Burns & Jain we have the experience to aggressively and effectively present your case: to the insurance company, to the insurance lawyers, and to the judge and jury.

And it is often the case that when motorcyclists are involved in an accident, they are seen as reckless or aggressive. Many people, insurance companies and juries included, may assume that the motorcyclist is at fault or in some way contributed to their injury by riding fast or ignoring the rules of the road.

In many motorcycle cases, the insurance company will “assign” some responsibility on the motorcyclist. For example, to avoid a collision, a motorcyclist will often put the bike down. In those cases, even if their insured is 100% at fault, the insurance company typically assigns something close to 50% responsibility on the victim! However, with witness interviews, photographs, the use of experts, and often with depositions of the negligent driver and the police at the scene, we have been able to successfully reverse their opinion and get the insurance company to pay a fair settlement.

You can read more about motor vehicle law or see our Motor Vehicle Accident FAQs to learn more about your rights if you or your family member is the victim of a Massachusetts motorcycle injury

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